The Pennsville New Jersey Police Dept recently switched from our DV1 to 4RE camera system & we interviewed them.


Here's some of what they said that you can also see by clicking on the video at right.

Chief Allen Cummings Policing in Pennsville is changing rapidly. We've had 30 to 50 domestics a month and that is one of the most dangerous calls an officer can go on.

When we switched from the VHS to the DV1 system it was a lot smaller and held a lot more information on it. It was a lot easier to work with.


Upon changing over to the 4RE the most positive thing about it was that everything is done on a hard drive and its computerized so you have less problems with it.

The systems work much better. High definition is huge, you can see everything from car to car. As far as not having to remove the CD or VHS, you pull the police car into the back of the station, and within 15 minutes all that video footage is downloaded automatically into the hard drive.

Patrolman Brian LaPalomento - When I'm done with an investigation I pull into the parking lot, as soon as I pull into the parking lot everything is downloaded into the station.

I can come right in, log into the MVR system in the back, go and review the incident that occurred approximately 20 min. ago.

Lieutenant Kirk Cooksey - We had hundreds of DVDs stockpiled, taking up storage and it was just harder to find. The filing system here is just much easier.

When the lawyers come in and ask for discovery, evidence, it's simple. You just pick out the one you want, you recorded on a DVD and give it to them.

Chief Allen Cummings goes on to say "I really believe that that's part of my transparency plan also, because now I know that anything that these officers are involved in and are questioned on, I have that video. So if I need to prove to the public or even to a defense attorney that this is the true story, this is what happened, I have it. I have in car video, and I'm going to have the body camera video.".

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