The only thing that is worse than not having a video camera available to record an important incident, is actually having the camera on the officer or in their vehicle and NOT having it turned and recording.

This will never happen with Record-After-the-Fact feature that is WatchGuard Video's unique ability to go back in time and pull events off the hard drive that were not originally recorded as events.

How does it work? The WatchGuard Video camera system is constantly recording in the background, buffering that recording on the system hard drive (click here and go to 3:15 in the video).


So if the officer forgets to press the record button or there is some instance where an spontaneous event occurs, you are able to go back in time as much as one or two days afterwards, and recover that recording.



Officers get involved in situations that do not allow them time to activate a camera. These are often the incidents where video is needed the most. Record-After-the-Fact provides the ability to go back in time to capture critical video after it happened.


> The Record/Stop button creates normal recorded events which are automatically uploaded to the backend software.

> Video is continuously captured in the background.

> If needed, an authorized user can convert the backgroundrecorded video into a “Record-After-the-Fact” event by entering in the desired start and stop point for a new recording.

> The newly-created recording is then uploaded and managed like other recordings.

> If video retained in the device’s background recording is not needed as evidence, it is recorded over.

VISTA body-worn cameras will only have Record-After-the-Fact if the system administrator has configured the cameras for background recording. Agency policies will dictate if Record-After-the-Fact is enabled, which situations justify its use, and who is authorized to create a recording.

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