[fname], I want to share a personal story that you might relate to as we roll into 2013.


It's about my father and his approach to advertising his business some 50 years ago.


In the early 60's my dad graduated from chiropractic school and set out to start his own practice.


He bought a little 3 bedroom ranch home, tore out some walls, added others and turned it into a small Chiropractor's office.


Since he had been renting an office 5 miles away from this one, he thought he might need to advertise to find new patients.  So in addition to hanging out his shingle (a 2 foot sign nailed to the house) he printed up some simple 1-sided, black & white announcement cards (postcard size) and mailed them out to a small list.


Above is a scanned picture of what was on them.  Just the address, office hours and phone number.


Only One Mailing In 40 Years vs. Monthly...


His new office soon started to slowly become busy with patients and for over 40 years, that was the ONLY ADVERTISING he ever did to grow his chiropractic practice, which was fairly successful 'back then'.


Today if you took that approach to Advertising your business, chiropractor's office or any other small business, you'd fail quickly.


There's too much competition for virtually all products and services for you to just wait and hope new customers, clients or patients will find you on your own (or after mailing one postcard to a list).


click here to see Carol's Gallery Event on her websiteI contrast what worked 50 years ago to what my wife, who is an artist (she makes & sells pottery) does today with her small business to outsell her fellow artists by 5 to 10 times.


She collects and maintains an EMAIL list of over 1,000 customers who have bought her pottery.


She collects and maintains a PHYSICAL mailing list of over 1,000 customers who have bought her pottery.  Both lists are segmented with people spending over a certain $$ amount tagged as such with what they bought.


This is the back of a postcard, above is the front.  This is mailed out before events in addition to emails.She sends out MONTHLY emails to her list letting them know about her next gallery event or local art fair she'll be at.


She prints and MAILS out postcards & invitations (right & above are samples) to her list letting them know about her next gallery event or local art fair she'll be at.


She caters and hosts SPECIAL EVENTS where food and wine are served. 


She sends out THANK YOU notes to her clients after they buy from her.


She applies for and participates in local ART SHOWS to sell her pottery and will also

go on LOCAL TV stations to promote the event or her own products.


My Wife's More Marketer Than Artist, That's Why She Outsells Her Competition 10 to 1

Often my wife gets comments from her fellow artists about how they don't sell much compared to her.  These are the same 'starving artists' that won't LEARN or DO any of the simple modern day ADVERTISING activities I just mentioned, that my wife has learned to do (or has me do for her).


 - They won't ask all their customers for their physical address and email address.

 - They won't mail out monthly emails to their customers or leads.

 - They won't print & send direct mail to their customers or leads.

 - They won't host special events for their customers or leads.

 - They won't send out thank you cards after someone buys from them.

 - They won't reach out to local media to get on TV or RADIO.


In summary, they aren't willing to LEARN to MARKET what they do, mistakenly thinking that if they just do what they do, that will be good enough.  The truth is, it isn't.


Maybe back in the 1960's it was.  But in 2013 it takes a lot more TOOLS and SYSTEMS to ADVERTISE and GROW your business. 


So what are you going to start doing in 2013 to grow your business?


I'm not much on New Year's Resolutions.  But here are 3 for you if you want to grow your business:


1) Resolve to LEARN HOW to ADVERTISE your business (not 'do' business better).

2) Resolve to SEND SOMETHING MONTHLY to your customers, clients or patients.

3) Resolve to HOST A LIVE EVENT once a year for your customers, clients or patients.


These 3 things are a good 1st step to business growth.


Fifty years ago in the 60's my dad didn't have to do any of this stuff.  Today it's a whole new ballgame - running a business.


Next week I'll talk about WHY all this is so important, especially with what is coming at you in 2013, to beating your competition when it comes to retaining and attracting new customers, clients & patients.

Remember, good marketers borrow, great marketers steal! Jeff

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