[fname], have you ever run an ad or sent out 1 piece of mail trying to find new clients/customers for your business?

This type of "take a stab" at it marketing is the typical mistake that a lot of business owners make.

If you know anything about fitness or exercising, here is the equivalent actions and mistakes as they relate to marketing your business.


Fitness or Exercise Problem

Advertising or Marketing Problem


I'm 25 pounds overweight so I went to the gym & worked out for 1 hour & I'm not in shape after 1 visit, why?

I have not ever advertised to my target market so I ran 1 newspaper ad and no one called to hire me, why?


I bought 5 lb dumbbells (the 20 lbs cost more) and have been curling them but my arms won't get bigger?

I bought a list of companies & mailed 1 postcard (to save money on postage) to them and no one replied?


I'm doing bench presses with a bar lying down on a flat bench but my legs are not getting any stronger.

I have a Facebook page and post about my favorite movies & TV shows but no customers buy from me there.


I went to the fashion store & bought some expensive gym trunks & shoes but I still haven't lost any weight...

I hired a guy to build an expensive website but I don't get any business, customers or patients from it...

To me is someone made the comments in the FITNESS column it would be obvious to me that he or she did not know or understand what "working out" really means.

Specifically you can't go once to the gym, work out and expect to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Brooke Burke the very next day.


NO PAIN, NO GAIN Stops Most People From Succeeding in Business & Life...

You need to create a routine, regimen or schedule that you can live with, repeat every day or week and with time and effort, you will start to see results.  The same goes for marketing. 


You can't just do something once and expect a flood of people calling you and knocking on your doors.  It is not that easy, the world doesn't work that way and that is why, like most people that join a gym on January of the new year, they QUIT by mid February or in business, quit with the one shot or stab at marketing and then bitch about "I tried ______ and it didn't work" or "they screwed me... etc.".

Here is a quick example, using fitness and business, of the amount of effort and variety of different but related things a person would need to do to have success in both areas.



A Simple Fitness Routine or Regimen for Getting in Shape

A Simple Ongoing Marketing System for a Local Printer


I start going to a gym 4 times/nights a week alternating working upper body 2 days and lower body 2 days.

I call and mail local restaurant owners once a quarter offering them a free report on how to find more customers


I change my daily diet to exclude soda pop and candy and substitute water and raw vegetables as snacks.

The report is 9 tips on using print advertising, coupons & free offers to bring traffic through their door.


At the gym I walk or run the treadmill or elliptical machine 20-30 minutes to get my heart going after weight lifting

The 9 tips are delivered 1/week via email with biweekly mailings for print templates they can edit & use.


I take a full spectrum of vitamin and mineral supplements every day that support bone & muscle tissue growth.

If they don't buy they get a printed newsletter every month with stories of other restaurants successes.


To really have a shot at getting healthy you need to LEARN and gain an understanding about LIFTING WEIGHTS, what FOODS are good for you, AEROBIC exercise and NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS.  That's learning & doing 4 different elements of "fitness" all at once.  Remember that - doing FOUR things - concurrently.


In business to have a shot at GROWING through MARKETING you have to LEARN and gain an understanding of ADVERTISING Strategies & Tools, creating DIRECT MAIL and TELEMARKETING call scripts, using EMAIL and the POST OFFICE effectively as well as creating CONTENT for a NEWSLETTER that get printed and MAILED or EMAILED every month.  If I count it that's doing about TEN things concurrently - remember, 10.



Why Are 69.2% of People Overweight or Obese and 96% of All Businesses Fail in 10 Years?

Most people look for the 1 pill, the silver bullet, the stake through the heart or the next bright shiny object to solve their problems in life and in business.


Doing 2 things at once is not easy.  Seen the AT&T video here with the kids trying?


Two is difficult for most people.  Three things - that's asking a lot.  Four things, next to impossible.


Don't believe me, see the stats in the headline?  I can teach anyone to lose weight or get in shape if they can do the 4 things at once I describe in the earlier table. 


But only 3 out of 10 people can actually juggle 4 things at once on a specific topic over an extended period of time.


In business it is worse.  Although I've seen different numbers (80-96% of business close down) and it takes 10 years, that's a pretty HIGH mortality rate.  Why?


It's a lot of reasons but something that can mask or negate a lot of other temporary, internal, operational, day-to-day problems is a steady INFLOW of new customers, clients or patients and the money they generate.


And you don't just "try things once" and create steady INFLOWS of customers.  No it takes SYSTEMS and specifically MARKETING systems that use, integrate and handle 10-20 different principles, strategies, media and tools at once to build your SYSTEM.


If you can learn to do that (integrate 10-20 different things at once) or just BUY the system then you have a fighting chance of staying alive and thriving in business (or losing weight & staying in shape in life).

Next time I will expose and explain the BIGGEST MARKETING PROBLEM 99% of all small businesses have and a multi-step system to get rid of the problem

Until then remember, good marketers borrow, great marketers steal!  Jeff

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