July  2011



Can I Get Your Opinion on Something?


We are always interested in what our clients think about the printing and other services we offer. 


So after a quick staff meeting here at headquarters, we figured the best way to find this out what you think is to...ASK YOU!


Since I know you're busy, we've come up with only 3 SHORT QUESTIONS that I'd like you to answer. 


It will only take 2 minutes (3 minutes if you type slowly...).


Just click here and answer the 3 questions, it's that easy!


Thanks in advance for your answers!


What Are QR Codes & Why Use Them in Print?


What started as a way to jam more information into traditional Bar Codes has quickly become (with the popularity of smart phones) the latest tool to pass information along to your customers, clients and patients via a smart phone app.  It's called a QR Code.


Here's an example.  When you print your business card you can add a QR code to it so your prospect or client can scan or 'read' it with their smart phone. 


The (Quick Response) code can then direct the person to one of many places on the web:

   - your web site,

   - a special offer page for your business,

   - your Facebook page (Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)

   - a YouTube video

   - a Paypal Buy Now link


Qr Codes can also dial a predetermined phone number or even send an SMS text message.


If you want to test adding a QR code to your printed materials as part of your marketing, let me know or call the office at 317-773-1829.









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