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Microchipping Issues Addressed

By Cantrell Strenski & Mehringer, LLP, Attorneys at Law

Several recent questions by IVMA members regarding microchips have prompted IVMA legal counsel to provide this information for your benefit. As always, consult with your own legal counsel on specific legal questions and situations.

QUESTIONS: (1) Do veterinarians have a legal or ethical duty to scan animals for microchips? (2) What are the veterinarianís options if the client does not want the pet scanned? (3) Lastly, what are a veterinarianís obligations if the client and the information from the microchip donít coincide?

SHORT ANSWER: (1) Probably, yes. New patient scanning is recognized as a good practice. (2) Refusal to treat at the veterinarianís discretion. (3) Depends on the services requested, but generally no obligation to become involved in ownership disputes.

ANALYSIS: Unfortunately, there is a ďvery big gray zoneĒ when it comes to microchips and the responsibility of veterinarians to sort out ownership.

There is very little in terms of statutory or regulatory guidelines and there is little to no legal precedent specifically outlining a veterinarianís obligation to scan and report ownership. In light of the paucity of other guidance, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) was prompted to update its policy on scanning for microchips.

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2010, Where Did You Go?!?


This past year seems like a blur as I reflect back on my time serving as your IVMA president. 


As I stood before you almost one year ago to begin my term, I mentioned that I looked at the year as an open book test. And you, the membership, would be where I turned for the answers.


Well you didnít disappoint. I continue to marvel at the incredibly talented and giving members that make up our association.


Without the numerous board members, committee members and volunteers that give so much of their time and energy, we would not be the active, functional organization that we are.


In March, your IVMA Board of Directors adopted the following goals:

  #1 Review Agriculture/Animal Welfare Issues,

  #2 Study Veterinary Business Issues,

  #3 Increase/Improve Membership Numbers in the IVMA,

  #4 Improve IVMA PR/Marketing/Communication and

  #5 Assess Continuing Education/Learning.

Our committees and task forces have been extra busy working on these goals.


First, the Public Relations Committee made our new logo and tagline a reality. It was a big change, but one Iím particularly proud of. The Membership Committee has been newly energized, looking to increase membership numbers and involvement.


They are working on different ways to reach out to veterinary students and recent graduates to engage them within our association. The Animal Welfare Committee continues to find deserving recipients for their annual awards.


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