[fname], wanted to share this with you. Just finished a project after several requests, on how to attract a certain niche accounting client. Don't know if you are interested but here it is.

What makes a great accounting client? The business owner's need & ability to pay for monthly accounting services for their business (or businesses)? That they'll use or buy other services from you (investments, payroll, insurance)? That they refer other business owners to you?

Dentists and their practices can be a great monthly accounting client as they tend to fit the above criteria. They average over $1 million in collections & have longevity as a business model - most practices will last 30 years or more.

However they are a tough client to acquire. Why? Dentists are 1) not easily reachable by phone or in person as they are usually tied up with patients and 2) shielded by their staff because they know people 'want their business'.

But with the right approach & good marketing, over time they can become clients. How do I know? I used to work across the street from a CPA who focused on dentists as clients attracting over 700 of them. At the time this company (my client), was a commercial finance company who documented & packaged loans (refinancing dental practice acquisition loans) for this CPA.

The other part of the CPAs relationship with the dentists was they, the dentists, also invested financial assets with the CPA (also a CFP) to the tune of $900 million AUM. These numbers are from 2011 so today the clients #s are probably higher and AUM probably is close to if not over $1 billion. You can do the math on 700 accounting clients and fees on $900 million AUM. (Note: even if you don't sell financial services yourself, I'll show you how you can still use this marketing approach to attract dentists.)

If dentists & this type of client is of interest to you, I've put together a marketing program I can customize for you that you can use to go after local dentists. The program includes:

- why most dentists need more than simple monthly accounting services
- my 'insider' overview on how this CPA works with dentists
- the different services he provides for them & makes $ on
- a Lead Generation tool (free report) you can use for advertising
- a Presentation (Powerpoint) to build your authority
- Direct Mail pieces for advertising to dentist
- 10 ways you can approach dentists with your marketing
- hosted private webinar that's recorded for ongoing marketing

If you're one of the people that's asked me for a 'dental marketing program. I thank you for your patience. It's taken a lot of time to put this together AND you can adapt it for other doctors & medical businesses, if you want to go after those types of businesses too.

As I'm still putting the finishing touches on parts of the program, just keep this information in mind and look for a follow up email from me with more details on how to get started marketing to dentists.

I'll either host a live webinar or pre-record one so you can get all the information & materials I mentioned and get started.

Thanks & talk soon. Jeff

Jeff Bell