[fname], one of the marketing secrets to attracting new monthly business clients and 1040 tax season clients is dominating your local search engine results for words like accountant, cpa and tax preparer.

Just to see how well you are or aren't doing at this secret, I did a local search in [city] for 'accountant' and found several marketing 'mistakes' you're making that's causing you to loose clients to your local competition.

You can see a screen shot of what I saw if you click on the link below:

If you don't already know it, the problem with this is [mistake01].

I then went to your website at [website] and saw 2 more mistakes (these are also costing you to lose leads and therefore potential new clients).

Mistake #2 is you have No Lead Generation Landing Pages visible on your homepage and Mistake #3 is you have No Social Proof (Audio or Video Testimonials) examples visible on your website.

I can show you how to fix these and any other marketing problems you're having one of two ways.

The 1st way is if you're coming to Indy on Thursday November 10th for Troy Patton's Roundtable meeting, if you get there a few hours early, from 9:00 am - 11:00 am ET in the same room where Troy's event is (his starts at 1 pm ET), I'll be hosting a free workshop that will show you how to fix these and related marketing issues that could help you add new business, tax & financial service clients.

Click on your link here to register: [reglink]

The 2nd way is if you're NOT coming to Indy, I'm hosting a live webinar on the same topic that you can register for at this link: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/20617/c7f387e557

If all this sounds familiar it is the same information I physically mailed to you in a letter, earlier this week that you should have received by now. As I mention in the letter, if we've not met my name is Jeff Bell. Troy's been a marketing client of mine since 2007. I also work with some of his Coach Patton clients to help them create & implement Marketing Systems that attract new business, tax & financial services (investment) clients.

Just remember that right now is the time to fix these problems for next years tax season and beyond. It's always too late once tax season starts or once you're in the thick of a new business year, to increase your new leads and clients overnight.

Like the law of the Harvest, you need to have planted your seeds and nurtured them throughout the year in order for you to reap the benefits - in your case, new business & tax clients and a larger paycheck & profits for you.

If I don't see you in Indy, have a good 4th quarter & holiday season!

And as always if you have any questions please email me at jeffbell@mynewcpa.com or call 317-674-3335.

Thanks, Jeff Bell