[fname], if you want to be successful at something, one of the fastest ways to improve your performance is to watch, model & emulate people who are already doing what you want to accomplish.

With that in mind at the end of last year I interviewed 4 of Troy Patton's Coaching Program members who offer/sell "financial services" to see how they approach people and the success they've had.

The results were very interesting as there are commonalties between all the CPAs. Especially interesting was the answer to my question of 'knowing what you know now about offering financial services, what would you do differently if you were just starting out?'.

If you're interested in those answers and are an accountant who wants to get better at offering financial services, then I invite you to listen to these interviews on a free webinar (click here to register).

For example one accountant has added $30 million in assets under management in 4 years in Troy's program, currently earns over $250,000 in annual fees and (during that time he's only been working Part-Time in his CPA firm).

And at the end of the webinar you can also download a "Selling Financial Services" CHECKLIST on 4 different Strategies and Tools you can use to communicate with your Clients and non-Clients, about your offering financial services.

Here is the link to register:

Courtesy Request - I'm sending this to you because you are part of Troy's program (Troy is a marketing client of mine) so please do not share this information with anyone outside of this group as some of stats and information shared on these calls my be considered proprietary in nature.

Thanks, Jeff
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