[fname], yesterday's email was about 'taking inventory' of the different marketing Systems and Tools you already have so I know what I need to create or build, by you filling out the Marketing System Foundation Assessment Inventory Worksheet.

In case you didn't see it or get to it yesterday, here are the links so you can download it as a DOC or PDF:

As I mentioned yesterday I suggest you 1) Save it to your PC & print it off 2) Fill it out the best that you can as quick as you can 3) Scan in to a PDF on your PC 4) Email it back to me as an attachment

Today I want to go over the other 2 'services' that I need to set up that were on the order form. iContact & Audio Generator

(1) iContact is the email service we use to send out your monthly eNewsletters to Clients & Leads. It also has AutoResponder Sequences that are emails we send out to deliver your Free Reports (more on them tomorrow) and for weeks afterwards to build a case for choosing you over your competition.

If you don't already have a iContact account I'll be setting yours up for you. If you DO have an iContact subscription already, please email me your LOGIN Credentials (email & password).

(2) Audio Generator is the service that hosts the Audio TESTIMONIALS we will collect from your Clients and post on the Landing Pages for the Free Reports that are on your marketing website I'll create. The service gives you a toll-free number and personal Extension that we'll send out for Clients to call and record their Audio Testimonials.

You probably don't already have an Audio Generator account so I'll be setting yours up for you.

That's it, just wanted to remind you of these 2 things because on the Audio Generator program, once I set that up I'll send you Instructions on how you can RECORD YOUR OUTGOING MESSAGE (like you would on a voice mail system) for your Clients to hear when they call. Look for it soon.

CHECKLIST - remember on the LAST PAGE there is a CHECKLIST of items I need from you. Don't forget to start working on that asap. Instructions are included on the checklist.

Again if you have any questions or comments on the above items, the Worksheet or the items on the Checklist, please email or call me.

([fname] again I want to remind you that this is an 'automated' email sequence (aka AutoResponder) that will go on for days & weeks as we get started on your Marketing System. The information that is in each email will help to get you up to speed on several of the items I'll be working on AND if you're sort of new to MARKETING in general, will help educate you on how all this stuff works and is for your benefit. So if we've already talked about some of these things in other emails or calls, this is why you're seeing it here. Hope that makes sense!)


Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Bell