If you CLICK HERE you can see an example of a Newsletter that is sent to LEADS[fname], yesterday in the email I talked about setting up your iContact account. In addition to it sending out all the emails via AutoResponders to your Leads who request your Free Reports, we also use it to email out your Monthly Newsletter (sample right>.

We do this, sending out a monthly newsletter, because one of the biggest mistakes companies make is not communicating with clients & customers on a regular basis.


Unfortunately most businesses communicate only when they need something or there is something wrong. We want to not only communicate when there is nothing wrong but we want to build a strengthen the relationship with clients through Education about issues important to your Clients.

And a Newsletter (email or printed or both) is one of the best ways to do this. Each month we put together and send out a newsletter to your Client and Lead lists in iContact. That's what it is important to get ALL or as many of your clients EMAILS as you can so we can load them into iContact and email the newsletter to them.

Again most companies leave it up to chance for their clients to Subscribe to their newsletter. Businesses that do this passively may get a 10% or less subscription rate. We want to be proactive and get ALL or as many as we can (90% or more). Because these people are our Clients, we can send them emails and be in compliance with email regulations.

And we will use these emails as vehicles for:
- educating clients on other services you offer
- asking them for online Reviews
- asking them for Audio Testimonials
- building a case for Leads to call us for an appointment
- inviting Clients & Leads to TeleSeminars & Webinars
- displaying Social Proof to build your credibility & expertise

There are more reasons but these are the top ones WHY we want to get ALL your clients emails set up in iContact so our monthly eNewsletters can begin.

([fname] this is the last time I'll mention that this is an 'automated' email sequence (aka AutoResponder) that will go on for days & weeks as we get started on your Marketing System. The information that is in each email will help to get you up to speed on several of the items I'll be working on AND if you're sort of new to MARKETING in general, will help educate you on how all this stuff works and is for your benefit. So if we've already talked about some of these things in other emails or calls, this is why you're seeing it here. Hope that makes sense!)


Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Bell