[fname], there are several ways to approach people and businesses about becoming your client. One way would be to walk in their office (or call them on the phone) and say, "Hi, I'm [fname] [lname], CPA, I do accounting and tax work, here are my rates, would you like to hire me?". I would call that a 'direct, one-step' approach, wouldn't you?

Of course you might not get a high close rate with that approach. It's akin to walking up to a person of the opposite sex on the street, introducing yourself and then asking them if they would like to get married and start a family. You might get some takes but again, your 'close rate' would probably be rather low.

Some people (in either situation, business or social) already are committed (already have a CPA or spouse), aren't interested right now (just hired an accountant or recently engaged) and that direct of an approach comes across as too aggressive or cheesy.

So a different approach or Strategy if you will, is to in our case, offer them some 'information' that a person or business owner who is now/might be sooner/could be at some point 'interested' in your services, would like to Learn about. And since we offer the information in a non threatening way (not like a pushy salesperson eager to sell something) we are able to collect that person's contact information, usually name & email address, in exchange for our information (a Free Report) so we can not only deliver the report, but market to them via email on an ongoing basis.

That is why we have several Free Reports that I will customize for you, that we will post on your marketing website that people can request and download. These reports are titled:

- 19 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bookkeeper, Accounting or CPA Firm
- 3 Strategies to Solve the Bookkeeping Aspects of Running Your Small Business
- 7 Hidden QuickBooks Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid for Maximum Profitability & Growth
- 12 Do's Don't and Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tax Preparation Individual To Do Your Personal Taxes

YOUR HELP - Of all these reports there is one that I need your help in creating. It is the report titled: - 3 Strategies to Solve the Bookkeeping Aspects of Running Your Small Business. What we want to do is get you on my conference line where I can record you and I talking. We are going to have a 'fake' webinar where I'm going to interview you on the 3 different strategies a business owner can use to do their books/accounting.


It is simple in that the strategies are:

1) The business owner does their own books themselves.
2) They hire a FT or PT employee to do their bookkeeping/accounting.
3) They outsource it to someone like you or a firm like yours, to do them.

There are PROs and CONs for each strategy, which we can walk through on the call. And I have an OUTLINE (below at the very bottom of this email) that's easy to follow on the call. Note you can modify it as you wish.

The reasons I do this call with you is:
A) I'll be recording the call so we can transcribe it.
B) I'll take the transcription and conver it into a PDF for the Free Report.
C) I'll also take the AUDIO and create a VIDEO that we can post on YouTube & your marketing website.
D) The VIDEO with your VOICE on Audio gives people who listen to it a change to "get to know you" before meeting you.
E) Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo 'like' videos and will display them in Search Results for the topic.
F) From an SEO standpoint the video & report become Lead Generation TOOLS themselves, outside of your Landing Pages.

Your ACTION ITEM when you see this email and read it is to REPLY BACK and let me know a few dates & times where we can get on a call for 60 minutes, to walk through this information, record the call, etc.

If you've never done a teleseminar or webinar before, don't worry, they are simple. Plus this one is not with the public, prospects or even clients, just you and I. And if you 'mess up' anywhere we can stop, restart and I can edit out what we don't need after the call in the recording studio.

Make sense? Okay then like I mentioned earlier, REPLY BACK and let me know a few dates & times where we can get on a call for 60 minutes, to walk through this information, record the call, etc.

Thanks, Jeff


3 Strategies to Solve the Bookkeeping Aspects of Running Your Business


#1) The Owner does his or her own bookkeeping / accounting
#2) You hire an employee (FT/PT) to do your bookkeeping / accounting
#3) You outsource it a bookkeeping / accounting firm

Pros & Cons of each Strategy

STRATEGY 1) The Owner does His or Her OWN bookkeeping / accounting

Potential PROS/Advantages:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
#1 CONTROL: You have complete control of the numbers & information you put into your accounting system

Potential CONS
#1 TIME: The time you take on accounting takes you away from running/growing your business
#2 SALES: If you are the only person who sells in your business, time away from that detracts from selling
#3 LATE DATA: Internal accounting systems tend to NOT be updated in real time, leads to late reporting & decision making
#4 TAX LAW/COMPLIANCE: DIYs (do-it-yourselfers) are not up to date on recent tax laws & accounting changes

STRATEGY 2) The Owner Hires a Full-Time or Part-Time Bookkeeper

Potential PROS/Advantages:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
#1 CONTROL: if the employee is in office you can look over their shoulder in real time
#2 ACCESS: if the employee keeps data in right software, your accountant can access it if needed

Potential CONS/Disadvantages:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
#1 - COST: Hiring a Person Can Be Expensive, have to pay for prevailing wages, benefits, overhead
#2 - HIRING RIGHT: Are You Hiring The Right Expertise, don't know how to judge accounting experience
#3 - TURNOVER: Being Left in The Dark When Someone Leaves Abruptly, have to hire & retrain new person
#4 - SICK/VACATIONS: While Employees are sick, on medical leave or vacations you have limited or no access

Strategy #3 - Outsource Your Bookkeeping / Accounting to an Outside Firm

Potential PROS/Advantages:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
#1 - FOCUS: Owner Can Focus on The Business, Expanding or Selling, Not on accounting Personnel
#2 - COST: Flat Fee, Lower Cost than/Fraction Of an In-House Person
#3 - ACTIONABLE INFORMATION: Ongoing Financial Information to Grow the Business
#4 - PERSONNEL: Donít Have to Deal With Vacation, Personal, Sick Employee Time Off
#5 - COMPLIANCE: Accounting is Compliant with Changing Tax Laws
#6 - ACCURACY: Work is Double-Checked for Accuracy
#7 - SECURITY: Outside View Helps Prevent & Identify Embezzlement

Potential CONS/Disadvantages:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
#1 - CONTROL: We Canít Force Client to Send Info to Us & on Time

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
TAKE THE NEXT STEP - Talk briefly about how a person or business owner listening to this can take the next step in learning more about you and your company.

OFFER - Free 15/30 minute Strategy Session/Private Consultation/Phone Call to see where you are at in your business, what your situation & needs are and my opinion/suggestion on what you might do.

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Jeff Bell