[fname], last week I physically mailed a webinar invite to you but I think it won't get to you in time, that's why I'm emailing you.

In late July/early August Google (without any notice) changed how they display local search results.  Chances are it will HURT your ability to attract new monthly accounting & tax clients online, who are looking for an accountant or CPA.

In a nutshell the local search results for your local keywords, were showing the top 7 local accountants, and now Google cut that to only 3 - what we call the 3-Pack.  And unless you're IN the 3-Pack, you'll miss out on hundreds of dollars in 'free advertising', clicks & phone calls to your office.

I have several clients where we've put a system in place to be in the old 7-Pack and even with the Google changes, they are still in the 3 pack, usually in the #1 position (which gets 60%-80% of clicks & phone calls).


Seriously, I will show you what this looks like but also WHY this is important. One of my clients added 70+ new tax clients this last tax season & they said 50 told them they 'found them' via online / website / Google search.  Another client I talked to 2 days ago said a $12,000/year client just hired them & the client - a tech company - found them on Google - he uses my "system" and this type of thing happen more than you think...

On the webinar this Thursday, Sept 3 @ 4:00pm ET I'm going to walk through our system of how we do this, the tools we use, and the strategies we use that you can use too.

Okay, here's what I mean & what this looks like.  Below are 4 links, the first is yours.  This is what people looking for an accountant would type into Google and see in terms of results.  Click on your link and see if you show up in the new 3-Pack?  (Just copy & paste your link into your browser if it is not clickable.)


Then click on the other 3 links of my clients and compare them to what your link looks like.  They should all be in the 3-Pack, usually in the #1 position.  That's how they "get found" and ultimately HIRED by all these new tax clients & monthly business clients.


To be in the webinar click on the link below & register and you'll receive an email with webinar access info:

If you have any questions or have problems registering, feel free to give me a call at 317-674-3335.  Below is a quick FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to help answer the common questions.

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Bell

FAQ: Why are you publishing this information?
Answer: As part of Troy Patton's program (active or alumni) I've always said I'd help & answer questions for the group on marketing & technical/online issues.  This is one of those issues.

FAQ: Are you selling something on the call?
Answer: No, just explaining how this Google stuff works, how important it is. Reality is since "it" does take a fair amount of time and effort, if you want to see results next tax season, now is the time to learn this & get started doing it yourself.

FAQ: Will the call be recorded?
Answer: I always try to record them and if technology smiles on me, I'll post a replay but only for those that registered for the call.