[fname], here is some more information about creating a successful Marketing System I wanted to share with you.

First make sure you 'show' the graphics in this email.  Okay, one way an effective Marketing System works is when
someone is looking for you or companies like you, they can easily find you AND you stand out from your competition
in the best way possible.

Below is screenshot of a Google search for accountants in the Bethesda, MD area.  Here's what someone looking for
an accountant or CPA will see.

- their website (if the web company has done a good job of SEO) shown with Green Arrows

- their Google+ Local listing (we help companies get their listing in the top 7 that shows on the map) see Blue arrow.

- ads, in this case Google Adwords (we help setup Direct Response ads that generate Leads) see Pink arrow.


In the graphic below I want you to see the GOOGLE+ LOCAL LISTING because the REVIEWS are key to having this
listing in the top 7, out of thousands of their competitors.  We have a System for doing this that other companies
or 'advertising agencies / marketing companies" often don't have or do not understand.





Below are some more client examples of how we use Google Reviews online to get the accountant/CPA to show up in the free/organic search results AND stand out by having what's called SOCIAL PROOF (the Stars Score out of 5 stars) so people looking for an accountant or CPA can see and read what others have said (in most cases these are positive endorsements and act as perpetual referrals for you...) about you, your company & staff.

Full disclosure - these screen shots are a snapshot in time and can change in position as new Reviews & scores from your clients and your competition are added over time.  But what you see is representative of our results of getting you into the Top 7 over time and in the A, B or C position.



We also work with other review sites and directory listing companies to make sure your citations are up to date and as positive as possible.  I won't go in to the details but again, over time as we create your Marketing System, the ONLINE portion of it can end up dominating online search results so that you appear to be the one of, if not the best accountant or CPA in the area. 

Below is an example of this for a client and a search for them in their city.  With the exception of one listing (blurred out) this CPA looks like the only firm in his city AND his Reviews give someone who has never heard of his firm before, the confidence to pick up the phone and call him.





After looking at this if you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Thanks, Jeff

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Noblesville, IN 46061

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