I mailed you a letter last week, before the 4th, you should see it today or tomorrow.  It has a muscle car 1st class stamp on the envelope.


I do not know if you will be interested but if you are the person that feeds your firm new accounting leads & clients, here is a strange offer.


There are 9 strategies & tools for attracting new clients that I bet you are not using now, that I will share with you on a free webinar, this Wed. July 10th at 2:00 pm ET (register here) and you can hear & watch them all, again for no cost to you.

But let me back up a second & explain why I am doing this & who I am.  My name is Jeff Bell & I work with accountants & CPAs across the country, quietly behind the scenes, setting up & managing their automated Marketing Systems that feed them a steady stream of new accounting & bookkeeping clients.

And right now I am not working with anyone in the () area so I am interested finding just one accountant there in () who needs marketing help. 


Here why I emailed you and my strange approach to this situation.  Rather than try to call you (and all your competitors) and try to sell you on what I do & how it works one-at-a-time, I am just going to invite & show everyone and the 1st accountant that expresses interest in my program is the one I will work with.  (Here is a partial list of all the people that are invited to be on this open call.)

All this may sound weird, like I am giving away the store for free.  But what I have found is that I, like you doing someone's complicated corporate tax return, I can literally tell you exactly what I do (all my marketing strategies, systems & tools) and why I use them but you do not have the interest, time or inclination to go back and try to figure it out on your own and implement it yourself.


To be on the call just go to my website at www.MyNewCPA.com and register.  If you have speakers you can play some audio of me that explains what I'll cover on the call.

And to let you know I am real, I have real clients and they like what I do for them, here is my public Linkedin Profile that you can view.  I suggest you log in, scroll down and see the Recommendations (not just endorsements) I have.  The link is:



The call again is on this Wed. July 10th @ 2:00 pm ET (1pm CT, 12noon MT, 11am PT) and should last no longer than 1 hour.


You just need to register at:



Even if you work exclusively on referrals or have all the new clients you need right now, you might be interested in seeing what I am going to explain to all your competition on the call.  I think the 60 minutes you take out of your day will be worth it.


Thanks!  Jeff


Jeff Bell - Marketing Doctor

Sales and Marketing Results
PO Box 267

Noblesville, IN  46061