Whether you have a practice with monthly write-up clients or a tax preparation practice, finding people potentially interested in hiring you (LEADS) is one of the biggest determinants of your success or failure, of your practice's growth or decline.


Unless you can attract a steady inflow of new clients exclusively through referrals, most accountants need a Marketing System that takes Leads and over time, builds a case in that leadís/personís mind for hiring the accountant.  


In this article I won't go into how your Marketing System should be built or work, rather I will cover a dozen (12) ways you should FEED that system with leads (names, addresses & emails) so your system has something to work with.


In a Marketing System, generally the more the better, as long as the leads you put in are ones in or from your Target Market.  If you want to grow your practice by 10% a year and you are only putting in one lead into your marketing system every quarter, well then you are not going to reach your goal.


As with most advertising or lead generation activities, the secret is to employ as many of these tools, strategies and media as possible, simultaneously.  This accelerates your growth, revenue and profits.


Here are a dozen (12) strategies, tools and media you can and should be using (click here to see the article with all twelve):


Appointment Setting Calls - When you caller talks to a business owner they offer up front or in conjunction with an appointment request, to send the business owner a Free Report, Checklist or Quick Start Guide via email.  Their name & email go into the system which then "takes over".


Print, Magazine, Newspaper Advertising - You can use direct response ads with Offers that drive people to your online Landing Pages and into your Marketing System.


Targeted Email Lists - You can use direct response emails with Offers that drive people to your online Landing Pages and into your Marketing System.


Pay Per Click / Google-Bing-Yahoo Ads - In certain situations it make financial sense to use PPC ads to generate leads for your marketing system. With our clients we use a unique Strategy with PPC ads that allows you to preempt your competitors in a PPC environment. Click here to listen to a client of mine talk about how just 1 lead found him through Google Adwords and they wrote him a check for $8,000 at the appointment (the CPA's marketing system "presold" the client on the firm).


Referrals - Often described as the most effective way to bring new business clients in the door, it is also the least understood and underutilized tool to feed your marketing system. In brief you should be doing 3 things to facilitate referrals.


Again to see the complete list of all 12 Strategies, Tools and Media you can and should be using to grow your practice, click here.


Remember that good marketers borrow & great marketers steal!


Steal away & good luck!


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