Hey , hereís a quick story youíll want to hear:

I called up one of my CPA clients this last Saturday and he told me something about a new client that just hired him, it happened to him just this last week.  He said...


"I went on an appointment this week.  This was a guy (business owner) that had called in to our office. At the meeting he became a client, he handed me a check for $1,200 and heíll spend $7,000 with us this year."

As usual I asked my client how long this business owner had been in his "Marketing System" and my client said he had NOT even gotten into the system yet. And hereís the interesting part, he said:

"He just found us ___________ and saw our ________   _______ and that was enough for him to pick up the phone, call us and subsequently hire us as their new accounting firm."

What was it the $7,000/year business owner / new accounting client SAW & WHY did it persuade him to call (& hire) my client the CPA?

If you are interested in learning these things, I am hosting a conference call this Friday, Nov. 22nd at 11:00 am ET (10a CT, 9a MT, 8a PT) [ click here to register ] where I will FILL IN THE 3 BLANKS from above for you and explain how the above situation happened to my client (and how it can happen to you).

But the WAY this happened is important because normally we are filling this clientís Marketing System (that I built for him) with leads that will be churning around INSIDE the system for 2 or 3 or 6 or 9 months before they pick up the phone and call my client for an appointment.

This LEAD did NOT even get that far. They found my client and SAW SOMETHING that:

- I explained and set up initially for my CPA client when he hired me back in 2009,
- hardly any other accountant or CPA there in town does this to attract business owners as accounting clients (you could be the 1st!),
- is one of the foundation elements I help my clients do in building their Marketing System and,
- you should be doing regardless of if you have your own Marketing System!

On the call Iíll explain WHY this STRATEGY attracts business leads, as well as individual or 1040 leads, to CHOOSE YOU over your competition.

To hear all this just register for the call at: www.MyNewCPA.com/attract.html

Thanks, Jeff

PS. If you were at Troyís Mastermind Event in Indy earlier this month and have a question on how to implement something you learned Iíll open the phone lines on the call and answer your questions on websites, landing pages, Google Adwords, marketing systems, etc.


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