[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #2 of attracting new clients - Using the Right BAIT to Attract Your Ideal Business or Individual Client to Your Firm.


And in case you have been busy and forgot, one of the 9 tools is using a FOLLOW UP SERIES of emails to help the person who requests a report (in this case you) get the most benefit out of what you gave them.


And that is what we are going to do today.  Focus on Strategy/Tool #3 on:


Using a Website Landing Page Without ANY Distractions on it to Capture a Lead For Your Marketing System.


The gist of this strategy is most websites have GOBS (means a LOT) of information and pages that visitors can click on and browse.  This is BAD when you want someone to take action.  In our case we drive them through advertising about a free report or checklist and we want them to OPT-IN and request our report.


Given to their own devices, most people will NOT opt-in with a bunch of pages that they can click on and browse.  They get distracted.  They wander off where we want them to be.  So our strategy is to REMOVE ALL distractions.  No links.  No navigation bars.  Just opt-in (request our report) or not!


By using this Strategy & Tool we catch a lot more leads on our Landing Pages and in our Marketing System than if we just let people wander around on our websites.


Again, don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for having and sending people to an Informational or Online Brochure type of website, just not within our Marketing System.


Anyway for more detail on this just go to my report you downloaded and read page 4.


There are 2 ways to download the report.  First is to go online at:



There is a link on the page you can click on.  Or the direct link is at:



Next week I will talk about Strategy/Tool #4 which is how to Use Social PROOF on Your Landing Pages & All Marketing Materials Pre-Builds Trust with Leads & Prospects.


If you have any questions about this Strategy/Tool you are free to contact me to ask.


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Remember, good marketers borrow, great marketers steal!


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