[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #4 of attracting new clients - Using Social PROOF (not Social Media) on Your Landing Pages & All Marketing Materials Pre-Builds Trust with Leads & Prospects.


Today our focus is on Strategy/Tool #5 on:


Using Online Webforms to Opt-In People and Email AutoResponders to Deliver Your Information To Them.


The gist of this strategy is we want to use technology, specifically EMAIL, as a tool to automatically deliver our free report, checklist, audio recording or video to them.  Using the Webform to capture their information is the beginning of this process.


This web "form" automatically opts that person into a marketing system for future advertisements, efforts, a follow-ups such as an e-mail newsletter.


The automatic part of this is called an autoresponder, which not only delivers the initial free report but can also send a series of e-mails after that initial report, spaced days weeks or months apart, all done automatically without your having to touch it.

Auto responders once set up properly, can save administrative time and money and do an outstanding job of delivering on time on a set schedule follow-up information to your leads, prospects, potential new customers clients and patients.


By using this Strategy & Tool we leverage our & our staff's time on routine follow up and follow through tasks that 15 years ago would have had to have been done manually with a letter or package being mailed out.


Anyway for more detail on this just go to my report you downloaded and read page 6.


There are 2 ways to download the report.  First is to go online at:



There is a link on the page you can click on.  Or the direct link is at:



Next week I will talk about Strategy/Tool #6 which is how to Use Email AutoResponders to Create a Follow-Up Sequence of Emails That Build a Case To Buy From You.


If you have any questions about this Strategy/Tool you are free to contact me to ask.


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