[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #5 of attracting new clients - Using Online Webforms to Opt-In People and Email AutoResponders to Deliver Your Information To Them.


Today our focus is on Strategy/Tool #6 on:


Use Email AutoResponders to Create a Follow-Up Sequence of Emails That Build a Case To Buy From You.


The gist of this strategy is because business people and consumers are very busy with other things in their lives, it is typical for them to forget once they’ve downloaded your information to read it, follow-through, and take action like we want them to.

Therefore we always follow-up with them for a period of time after they downloaded your information, to make sure they have multiple opportunities to read it, listen to it, or watch it.

AutoResponders help us do this because we can set them up to send out a series of e-mails, spaced apart by days weeks or even months, automatically so that we don’t have to touch or involve ourselves in the sending of these e-mails every time someone responds to our marketing or advertisements.

Granted it takes time for us to preplan what we want to say, what we want each e-mail in the series to emphasize or resell or explain. Once done the system takes over and frees up our time as owners to do more productive tasks and projects (call or meet with people pre-interested in your services).


Because time and repetition build trust, all responders are unique in that we can use them to follow-up and restate our case, explain the advantages of our products and services, and pre-build a relationship with the lead or the prospect.


By using this Strategy & Tool we again leverage our & our staff's time on routine follow up and follow through tasks that 15 years ago would have had to have been done manually with letters, postcards, faxes or packages being mailed out.


Anyway for more detail on this just go to my report you downloaded and read page 7.


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And I also have a short 18-minute video you can watch that overviews how these Strategies & Tools should be integrated into a Marketing System that feeds Leads and Clients into your firm.  You can watch it at this link:



Next week I will talk about Strategy/Tool #7 which is why to Once Your Email AutoResponder Series Ends You Should Be Sending a Monthly eNewsletter.


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