[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #6 of attracting new clients - Use Email AutoResponders to Create a Follow-Up Sequence of Emails That Build a Case To Buy From You.


Today our focus is on Strategy/Tool #7 on:


Once Your Email AutoResponder Series Ends You Should Be Sending a Monthly eNewsletter


The gist of this strategy is a newsletter sent via email will continue the conversation that you already started with your prospective client, through the e-mail autoresponder and the autoresponder follow-up series.

The topic or the article of your newsletter doesn’t have to be sophisticated or in-depth. In fact you stand a better chance of having leads and prospects as well as clients read your newsletters if they are relatively short.


Better especially for busy people, to just pick one article that you feel is significant and highlight that issue.

E-mail services like iContact, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, offer templates that you can reuse to jumpstart the process.


By using this Strategy & Tool we maintain contact with your lead or prospect, and through consistent follow-up we continue to build trust through your articles and a relationship with that person so that when they do become unsatisfied with their current accountant you will be on their short list of people to contact to replace them.


Anyway for more detail on this just go to my report you downloaded and read page 8.


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Next week I will talk about Strategy/Tool #8 which is to Start Hosting Monthly or Quarterly TeleSeminars & Webinars To Build Credibility & Leverage Your Time.


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