[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #8 of attracting new clients - Hosting Monthly or Quarterly TeleSeminars & Webinars To Build Credibility & Leverage Time.


Today our focus is on Strategy/Tool #9 on:


When & How To Use Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube) With Prospects, Leads & Clients


The gist of this strategy is that Social media, like any other media, should always be looked at as a means to communicate an advertisement, sales or service type of message. Whether itís print media, radio or TV media, youíre always looking at the level of response you get in exchange for how much money you spend.

Facebook as a social media Tool can be used in 2 general ways. The free way is to generate Likes for a personal or fan page and then post updates that can be educational or sales in nature. The thinking is if your potential clients are playing around on Facebook they will see your posts and respond.

But just like print media where the article is the content, or radio and TV media where the programming is the content, the advertisement still needs to interrupt & grab the attention of the reader or the watcher or the listener, and move them toward some type of response in the advertising or the sales process.


Otherwise whatever youíre doing, writing, posting is purely SOCIAL & has no BUSINESS VALUE (aka "waste of time + $$").

Think of people on Facebook as being in a coffee shop talking with their friends and family, and you are trying to grab their attention for some business reason. It may be more difficult than you think.


The paid way of this is to pay for ads that appear on the right side of Facebook. But your task as a marketers to still to grab the attention of the person on Facebook and get them to click on your ad.

It is possible to get results using this strategy but I have found that Facebook is a more effective tool to communicate to existing clients or customers that already know who you are or already buy from you, then it is to try and generate leads out of the cold. There are exceptions to this using more advanced advertising techniques that are too complicated to explain here.

LinkedIn is a good tool to grow your network and generate social proof in the form of Recommendations and Endorsements. You should also participate in and start Discussions and use the Promotions tool in LinkedIn to create interactive posts and get exposure to people within your network.


By using this Strategy & Tool in a combined Network Building and Social Proof strategy you should be soliciting as many Likes to Facebook Fan pages and Connects to your Linkedin Profile. Then use your Monthly eNewsletter to post on your Fan page and Linkedin account to communicate information and updates to your leads & clients

Anyway for more detail on this just go to my report you downloaded and read page 10.


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Next week I will talk about my last and a BONUS Strategy/Tool #10 which is to For All The Strategies & Tools To Work Effectively You Need To Put Them All Together in a Marketing SYSTEM.


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