[fname], several days ago I emailed you the Questions to Ask when hiring a CPA, Accountant or Bookkeeper, specifically the BACKGROUND questions.
 They are going to have in depth knowledge of your financial situation so you want to make sure you ask those Background questions first.
 Today I want to give you the 2nd area of questions to ask which is about the firms PERSONNEL or people you'll be working with every month or quarter.
 The PERSONNEL questions you should be asking are:
 a) Who works for you and who will I work with at your company?
 b) Where can I see the backgrounds and certifications of your staff?
 c) Do you outsource to other vendors to get the work completed?
 d) Do you have full time or part time people?
 e) What timeframe for response should I plan on in working with you and your staff?
 Why are these personnel questions so important, along with the background questions from my last email?
 Well as a CPA myself I know when you choose or change to a new CPA or accounting firm, they are going to have INTIMATE knowledge of your financial situation, do your accounting or bookkeeping for your company, prepare your taxes and financial statements.
 In essence your CPA is going to know MORE about you potentially than your best friend and maybe even your spouse so it's important to ask a LOT of questions FIRST and choose the RIGHT firm and one that will work well with you for many years!
 That is why I offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation where you can call (or call to schedule a time) and tell me about your situation or company, ask me questions and see if it makes sense to talking more about becoming your accounting firm.

All you need to do is call me at 801-521-4538.

I hope you enjoy the report!

Regards, Ray

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