[fname], three weeks ago I emailed you the Questions to Ask when hiring a Bookkeeper or Accountant, specifically the ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS questions.
 It is not always the situation but sometimes it helps to have an accountant or CPA who has already worked with the SAME software or accounting systems that you are using today.
 Today I want to give you the 5th & final area of questions to ask which is about the firms OTHER SERVICES they offer or use with companies similar to yours.
 The OTHER SERVICES question you should be asking are:
 - Personal financial planning
 - Audited financial statements
 - IRS audits
 - Management advice and recommendations
 - Estate planning
 - Accounting systems work
 - New company set up.
 Why are these other services questions so important?
 If you hire a person or firm that as you grow, is not able to grow with you and help you beyond simple writing checks & bookkeeping, then it could actually hinder your growth.
 Financial planning (what do you do with the money and profits your company generates as well as the money you pay yourself) becomes important as you grow and are successful.
 A lot of times with growth you will need loans and to get loans of any size you will probably need audited financial statements. You may get audited by the IRS and having a FIRM as opposed to just a person or a bookkeeper there representing you, is a valuable asset.
 So you'd rather have a person or firm that ALREADY provides other services and advice like that so they actually HELP you with your growth and don not inadvertently slow you down.
 That is why I offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation where you can call (or call to schedule a time) and tell me about your situation or company, ask me questions and see if it makes sense to talking more about becoming your accounting firm.

All you need to do is call me at 219-462-7544.

I hope you enjoy the report!

Regards, Harold

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