[fname], a week ago ago I emailed you my report on the Questions to Ask when hiring a CPA, specifically the PERSONNEL questions.
 One or more people at the firm may have access to your financial situation so you want to make sure you ask those Personnel questions so you know who will see your information.
 Today I want to give you the 3rd area of questions to ask which is about the firms INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE working with companies like or similar to yours.
 The EXPERIENCE questions you should be asking are:
 a) Do you have other clients in my industry?
 b) What is important in my industry for accounting, tax and management issues?
 c) What can you tell me that I can do different in my accounting and taxes that apply to my particular industry?
 Why are these experience questions so important, along with the personnel questions from my last email?
 This is not always the situation but sometimes it helps to have an accountant or CPA who has already worked with a company in the same business or general market as you. They will have a general understanding of how your business model functions and the accounting or tax issues that are common to companies like yours.
 This is preferable if your business model or industry is very unique because if your business is completely new to the firm, you're PAYING them AND TRAINING THEM at the same time, on how your company operates. I'd rather have a person or firm ALREADY know a little about my company's industry, model or market so they get up to speed on MY company quicker.
 Obviously after looking at these questions, you're welcome to interview me and ask these same EXPERIENCE questions of my staff here.

All you need to do is call me at [aphone].

I hope you enjoy the report!


Regards, Don

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