Hi [fname],


Sara Beth and I were going through our client list and noticed that we have not received your tax information yet.


I wanted to make sure you're okay and see how quickly you can get your information to us.


With only 2 weeks before April 15th at this point we:

- probably need to file an extension for you so that we have time to accurately and completely prepare them (probably after the 15th) and...

- so that the IRS will accept them without you having to pay any penalties for late filing but...

- to file an extension I still need some of your tax information as soon as possible.


I know how busy everyone is and sometimes 'life' changes your plans but I want to make sure that we have you covered this year.


In order to have the information to file an extension for you, would you call Sara Beth here at the office (552-8689) and let her know if you can get your information to me in the next week or so? The most important info for us to get in order to file the extension is the amount of federal income tax you had withheld as shown on your W-2.


If you're really busy, just reply to this email. Below are some 'responses' you can just copy and paste so that we know where you are with your plans for us to file your 2012 tax returns.


Hope all is well otherwise!




W. Edward Newton Jr., CPA, CFP

(704) 552-8689


Standard Responses:


- Ed, just got busy with other stuff, I'll call you asap.

- Ed, we went with another preparer this year, sorry I didn't tell you.

- Ed, had to go into witness protection, this is the last time you'll hear from me, ever...

- Ed we won the lottery and I've gone on spending spree, will call you soon.

- Ed, I've decided not to pay the government any more taxes, they can come and get me if they want them...

- Ed, holy smokes, is it tax time again?  Completely forgot, my stuff is in the mail!



W. Edward Newton, Jr. CPA, CFP

W. Edward Newton Jr., CPA
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