[fname], hey it is Ed Newton CPA and I wanted to gently yet firmly remind you that I need the rest of your 2012 tax documents & statements as soon as possible, to complete your taxes before the extension deadline coming up fast.

If you remember back in March/April I filed an extension with IRS, on your behalf, for your 2012 taxes.  But since extensions only last 6 months, I need to complete your taxes and file them so you don't start incurring any late penalties or fines with the IRS.

Here is my suggestion on actions we should take to get this process started:

1) You should carve out time this week and gather together any/all remaining tax documents, statements or records. Put them in an envelope or folder (large rubber band will do in a pinch) with your name, address, phone number and email on it. Do this by SUNDAY NIGHT, August 26th, 2013.

2) On Monday, August 27th either drop them in the US mail (if you are sending me original documents I strongly suggest you pay for TRACKING so the post office can track the package if they lose it) OR drive over to our office and drop them off at the front desk here at the Ballantyne Center (address below).

3) When I get your records next week I will start reviewing them and let you know if anything critical is missing. If everything is there then right after Labor Day in September I will start working on completing your return.

4) After I complete it I or Sara Beth will contact you and let you know what the payment or refund will be and our processing costs.

At that time you can pay me and if payment is due to the IRS, make arrangements or preparations for that.

And [fname] after reading this if you think cannot take these actions or hit these target dates you should pick up the phone and call me at (704) 552-8689 so we can talk.

Because we are dealing with the IRS and they get grumpy if you miss their deadlines I want to avoid any late/fine/penalty scenario that costs you additional money.

If you have a minute just REPLY back to this email so I know you received it.

Thanks in advance for attending to this.


W. Edward Newton, Jr. CPA, CFP

W. Edward Newton Jr., CPA
13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 500
Charlotte, NC 28277-2830