[fname], here are 2 quick items I want to tell you about.  First I want to officially let you know tax season is here.  We are putting together your tax organizer so look for an email in the next few days letting you know it will be up on our client portal so be on the lookout and we will let you know when they are available.


Second we always appreciate you as a client and especially when you REFER other people to us who also become clients. 


This tax season is no different but we've spiced things up a little for you when you refer someone to us for their 2014 tax return.


When you refer someone and they become a tax return client, you receive a $50.00 Referral Bonus which we take OFF the cost of your own tax return.  Plus you also receive 3 tickets for the drawing of an iPad after April 15th!



And it does not stop there.  The person you refer also receives $50.00 off the cost of their tax return PLUS they receive 3 tickets for the drawing for an Apple iPad with retina display!


Remember this referral program is in addition to your chances of winning the iPad in the same drawing.


In a nutshell it is you get 3 of your own tickets for the iPad drawing if you bring all your tax return information in to us before February 28th OR you get 2 tickets if you bring your taxes in during the month of March OR you get 1 tickets if you bring your taxes in during the month of April!


As you can see, the earlier you bring your tax return information in, the more tickets youll have in the drawing for the iPad valued at $499.


Plus as I mentioned at the beginning of this email, when you REFER your friends, family or coworkers to us, you get a $50 discount on your own tax return plus 3 tickets (and they get $50 off and 3 tickets for the iPad drawing). 


If you have any questions please call Sara Beth at the office at 704-552-8689.


W. Edward Newton, Jr. CPA, CFP

W. Edward Newton Jr., CPA
13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 500
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