Hey [fname], as it's tax season again, here are the 2015 OCONUS rates with the latest revisions & additions.  They have changed from last years

 2014 rates so make sure you use these rates.

As usual if you have any trouble deciphering the table on page 4 or figuring out how to apply the rates when doing your taxes, let me know.

Because I'm a pilot and a CPA, we prepare the tax returns for many pilots and flight attendants so we are very knowledgeable and proficient in the area of airline expenses.


I'll also mention that we also prepare taxes for non-flight crew folks too and although we 'flight crew' often have more complicated tax returns, I put together a consumer awareness guide of sorts I call the Tax Preparer Hiring Guide - 12 Do's, Don'ts and Questions to Ask BEFORE hiring a Tax Preparation Individual To Do Your Personal Taxes.

You can click here to download it (it is a PDF file) and it is a quick overview on how to choose a tax preparer.  No froms to fill out, just click the link to open & read it.


Back to the OCONUS rates, 3 years ago I recorded a 22-minute VIDEO that explains in depth OCONUS rates and how they apply along with some insider / flight crew situations.  Although some time has passed the rates change each year, the application of how to take advantage of them for you and I is the same:


You're welcome to listen to this replay but again keep in mind that any math examples for the rates for a specific trip have probably changed since then although the formulas are the same.

As always if you have any questions please call the office at 704-552-8689


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