[fname], I wanted to drop you a note to remind you that we need your 2016 tax documents as soon as possible in order to complete your tax return before the extension deadline, which is coming up fast.

Back in April, we filed an extension with the IRS on your behalf. However, this extension only lasts 6 months, so we need to file your tax return to avoid incurring any late penalties or fines with the IRS.

- Please carve out time this week to gather your tax documents. Be sure to include your current address, phone number and email. You may drop your documents by our office, mail them, or upload copies to our secure client portal, Sharefile.

- Once we receive your documents we will review them and let you know if anything critical is missing. If everything is there we will start working on completing your return.

- After we complete the return, we will contact you to let you know they are available for your review on our secure client portal, Sharefile.

- We will upload a copy of the return, vouchers to submit with payment of taxes due, and our invoice to Sharefile.

- We will separately send you instructions on how to electronically sign Form 8879 (which we need signed and returned to us before we can e-file the return).

Please take action immediately in order to avoid any late fines/penalties that will cost you additional money to the IRS.

If you have any questions, please call Kristen at (704) 552-8689.

Thank you in advance for attending to this matter.


W. Edward Newton Jr., CPA, CFP
Certified Public Accountant


13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 500
Charlotte, NC 28277-2830


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