[fname], thank you for requesting my report on the 20 Questions a Business Owner Should Ask Before Hiring a CPA or Accountant. Whether you are looking to hire one for the first time OR change to a different one, you will find this report helpful.

Here is the link to download the PDF where you can open and print it off:

As a CPA myself I know when you choose or change to a new accountant or CPA firm, they are going to have an INTIMATE knowledge of your financial situation, do your accounting or bookkeeping for your company, prepare your taxes and financial statements.

In essence your CPA is going to know more about you potentially than your best friend and maybe even your spouse so it's important to ask a LOT of questions FIRST and choose the RIGHT firm and one that will work well with you for many years!

Whether we talk or not, I urge you to use my 20 questions in your selection or decision making process.

Obviously after looking at the PDF, you're welcome to interview me and ask questions of my staff here at my firm.

We offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation where you can call (or call to schedule a time) and tell me about your situation or company, ask me questions and see if it makes sense to talking more about becoming your accounting firm.

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I hope you enjoy the report!
Regards, Ed

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