[fname], a few days ago you for requested my free report on the The Worst 13 Mistakes Made By Retirement Plan Investors & How To Avoid Them.  Did you get a chance to read it yet?

If not here is the link to download the PDF where you can open it:

Today I'll cover Mistake #1: Thinking the 401k is a "free account"

Today's 401k accounts are mainly made up of mutual funds. Unfortunately, most investors have no clue as to how much their 401k costs them. We first need to learn what the fees are. Mutual fund fees come in four flavors

1) Annual Expense Fees
2) 12b-1 Fees
3) Sales Loads
4) Portfolio Turnover

Read the report for all the fee details but in summary, when you start adding up all the fees, it is not unusual for a fund to cost you more than 2.5% per year. If the markets average 10% per year, then you could easily see 25% or more of your gains eaten away by fund expenses.

Do these expenses show up on your statement? NO! They are taken out of the daily price per share of the mutual fund. As wise investors, we need to know exactly what we are paying, and we must do our best to keep our costs low.

Just remember too that as the market changes, your portfolio grows and time passes, often your investment goals and your tolerance for risk changes. When this happens you need to adjust your asset allocations accordingly.

That is why I offer a FREE Investment Analysis & Portfolio Review.  It is a no-obligation assessment of your portfolio to see if you're still invested correctly for your goals, your risk tolerance and your portfolio size.

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I hope you enjoy the report!
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