[fname], two weeks ago you for requested my free report on the The Worst 13 Mistakes Made By Retirement Plan Investors & How To Avoid Them. 

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Today I'll cover Mistake #3: Not having a systematic formula to determine what type of funds to buy and how much of them to purchase.

Many 401k companies today only offer between 5-30 choices for your 401k. Yet it can take as many as 6-10 asset classes and 8-15 investments to property diversify your portfolio. Many 401k plans donít even offer all of the asset classes we use with our clients as options within their plans.

So out of the 10,000 investment options available, you are working with only 5-30 choices. I have found most 401k investors choose the funds in their plan based on past performance, tips from fellow employees, and sales material the record keeper of the 401k sends out. Unfortunately, this ends up in an asset allocation disaster.

Reviewing many retirement plans has given me a keen eye. Itís become easy to spot clients with financial planners because it is obvious when looking at their investments. As a guess, less than 5% of the accounts I have reviewed had what I would consider a good mixture of investments. The company that handles your 401k is getting paid based on the fees they charge your employer AND the annual expenses paid by participants like you. Basically, they are making lots of money whether you succeed or fail. If you are still an active employee, donít expect much help from the firm that handles your firm 401k. They will probably not even contact you until you retire or change jobs, BECAUSE IT IS AT THAT POINT YOU CAN FIRE THEM!.

Just remember too that as the market changes, your portfolio grows and time passes, often your investment goals and your tolerance for risk changes. When this happens you need to adjust your asset allocations accordingly.

That is why I offer a FREE Investment Analysis & Portfolio Review.  It is a no-obligation assessment of your portfolio to see if you're still invested correctly for your goals, your risk tolerance and your portfolio size.

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