[fname], last week from my report I covered Mistake #5 - Overlapping Investments.

Today I'll cover Mistake #6: Lack of professional support.

Have you had a professional financial planer review your retirement plan in the past 2-3 years? Brokers who "glance" from time to time but never provide any written analysis may not be doing what you think they are. Many "financial advisor" types only want to help you before you become a client. Once the sale is done…it's "NEXT" to another prospect.

I would encourage you to work with a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, or CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST who can help review your investments and provide advice – regardless of whether you are retired or still active with your employer.

At my firm we have 2 options for our clients. One is a retirement check up where you pay a flat fee for a portfolio review. The other is letting us manage your account for a fee or percentage of assets per year. The choice is yours.

By the way, steer clear of "advisors" who act like salespeople and pitch loaded funds, B shares, or annuities. In many instances they are doing so either because they want to maximize their commissions or they can't charge you annual fees to manage your accounts. Know exactly what you are getting yourself into!

Just remember too that as the market changes, your portfolio grows and time passes, often your investment goals and your tolerance for risk changes. When this happens you need to adjust your asset allocations accordingly.

That is why I offer a FREE Investment Analysis & Portfolio Review.  It is a no-obligation assessment of your portfolio to see if you're still invested correctly for your goals, your risk tolerance and your portfolio size.

To get started on your analysis & review either reply to this email or call me here at the office at [aphone].

I hope you are enjoying the report!  If you did not get a chance to read it yet here again is the link to download the PDF where you can open it: http://www.worst13mistakes.com/13mistakes-thanks.html
Regards, Ed

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