[fname], last week from my report I covered Mistake #6 - Lack of professional support.

Today I'll cover Mistake #7: Asset allocation Train Wreck for 401k plans.

Have you ever wondered how really smart people invest their millions and billions of dollars? Harvard and Yale have both produced some of the smartest investment minds in the industry. Today their alumni often run mutual funds, hedge funds, and private endowments. They sit on institutional boards and run some of the largest investment firms in the US. Basically, they are the "Who's Who" of the investment world.

You might not know this, but Harvard and Yale are very well known in the investment world for having the most successful endowments today. They have flat out been CRUSHING their peers. This mistake in my report is meant to illustrate how they invest their private endowments (otherwise known as their private stash of cash) and compare that to how many individual investors handle their 401k accounts.

If you open my PDF report and look at the Mistake #7 comparison chart, do you notice the difference in the Harvard Asset Allocation vs most 401k investors?  See how Harvard spreads their billions around nine different asset classes. Their endowment feels this mixture helps to increase their return while reducing risk!

Just remember too that as the market changes, your portfolio grows and time passes, often your investment goals and your tolerance for risk changes. When this happens you need to adjust your asset allocations accordingly.

That is why I offer a FREE Investment Analysis & Portfolio Review.  It is a no-obligation assessment of your portfolio to see if you're still invested correctly for your goals, your risk tolerance and your portfolio size.

To get started on your analysis & review either reply to this email or call me here at the office at [aphone].

I hope you are enjoying the report!  If you did not get a chance to read it yet here again is the link to download the PDF where you can open it: http://www.worst13mistakes.com/13mistakes-thanks.html
Regards, Ed

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