[fname], last week from my report I covered Mistake #12: Not learning from the history of the market.

Today I'll cover Mistake #13: Not exploring the alternatives available for inexpensive and effective diversified investing.

To answer this question, we need to have a good understanding of what diversification means and how we benefit. Then we can discuss the particulars.

The bottom line goal of diversification is simple: higher average returns with less risk. Simple goal, but not so simple to accomplish!

As you can imagine, this has been the Holy Grail of investing ever since investing began. Wouldn't it be great to capture high returns with little or no risk?

Obviously we haven't solved this one yet. Investing and risk still go hand in hand. But we have made some headway over the years in understanding risk and learning how to minimize it to some degree.

For a deep discussion on DIVERSIFICATION please open my original report, go to Mistake #13 and take 5 minutes to read it.  Not only do you have to diversify to make sure you handle different market conditions, you want to diversify to protect your investments according to your Personal Risk Tolerance (how much you're will to let your investments fall or drop in value before you make a change or sell them).

Just remember too that as the market changes, your portfolio grows and time passes, often your investment goals and your tolerance for risk changes. When this happens you need to adjust your asset allocations accordingly.

That is why I offer a FREE Investment Analysis & Portfolio Review.  It is a no-obligation assessment of your portfolio to see if you're still invested correctly for your goals, your risk tolerance and your portfolio size.

To get started on your analysis & review either reply to this email or call me here at the office at [aphone].

I hope you are enjoying the report!  If you did not get a chance to read it yet here again is the link to download the PDF where you can open it: http://www.worst13mistakes.com/13mistakes-thanks.html
Regards, Ed

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