[fname], thanks again for requesting my special report on the 7 Hidden Quickbooks Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid For Maximum Profitability & Growth.

A few days ago I emailed you and talked about Quickbooks Mistake #1 is Not using a Custom Chart of Accounts.


Today I want to explain...


Quickbooks Mistake #2 - Skipping one of the 3 Steps to Pay Your Invoices

If you are using the Invoicing or Sales Receipts features, there are 3 steps to getting your deposits into the bank & correctly recorded as a sale.

1. In the first step you need to create the Invoice or Sales Receipt.
2. The 2nd step is to receive a payment from that customer which many people miss.
3. The 3rd and last step is to go ahead and make the deposit into the Bank Account.

Missing one or more of these steps causes bank statement reconciliation problems, exaggerated or understated operating and financial reports which leads to bad decision making based on inaccurate data.

If you are not sure if you are doing this correctly, go to the LAST PAGE of the PDF report.

We have an OFFER you might want to take us up on. Plus we have different options where we can help train you on how to correctly set up and pay Invoices.

As you read the rest of the report, remember each of the mistakes just remember that making one or more of these mistakes can cause you to under or over pay your state and federal taxes.

Not to mention over or understating your expenses and profits on your statements and to your bank if you submit statements to them for loans or other reasons.

That is why at the end of the report you will see I offer a Free Quickbooks Accuracy Scorecard where I or my Quickbooks expert here in our office will perform a Free Quickbooks Evaluation on your Quickbooks program company file.

Enjoy the report and if you have any questions or want to schedule your Free Quickbooks Evaluation just call my office at [aphone].

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