[fname], it is the last Tuesday of the month again and I want to invite you to attend my monthly webinar for dentists.   

For example on this live call this Tuesday October 29th @ 6:00 pm PT I will be talking with Anita York, attorney for Scott & Whitehead and we will be discussing the Top 12 Employment Law Issues for Dental Practices and how you should be addressing, prepared for or avoiding them. Here is the outline:


1. Hiring Procedures:
  a. Working Interviews, Temps and “Regular” Employees – What’s the difference?
  b. New Hire Procedures – Requirements, Recommendations and Prohibitions
  c. Background Checks – Should you do them; can you do them; how to do them
2. The Employment Relationship
  a. It is your Dental Practice – Make sure you are the one in charge
  b. Communication is key / Documentation is critical
  c. Deal honestly and promptly with misconduct and performance problems
3. Wage and Hour Issues
  a. Overtime – Who must be paid overtime, and how must overtime be calculated
  b. Alternative Workweek Schedules – What is it, and is yours lawful?
  c. Lunch & Rest Breaks – Why this is included in most lawsuits against dental practices
4. Leaves of Absence and Reasonable Accommodation
  a. Pregnancy Disability, Baby Bonding and Lactation/Breastfeeding Accommodation
  b. Disability Leave and Other Accommodations
  c. Workers’ Compensation Leave and Accommodation

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I think you’ll enjoy the content on these calls and look forward to talking with you.



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