[fname], last week I emailed you Strategy #2.3 of the 3 Strategies to Attack & Solve The Bookkeeping Aspects of your Small Business.  It was to OUTSOURCE your accounting / bookkeeper to an outside firm, but do it via REMOTE ACCESS.


Today there is no strategy to go over but just as important is DECIDING to make a change in your accounting firm.

Unless it is in the middle of Tax Season (March-April 15th) right now is the best time, if you're thinking about it, to make a change in your accounting firm. Why?

Right before as well as after tax season and beyond, you have just completed a full year of books and you should have your business return done. That helps transfer everything over so we can get started on the new/current year.

Likewise if it is summer, fall or winter then you know what kind of financial position you are in and we have your data to look at so it gives us information and time to get you set up and going for Year End reports and tax season.


Either way if you are unhappy with your current provider OR they cannot keep up with your growth OR you want help figuring out HOW to grow your business OR you just want a 2nd opinion, now is the time.







































We offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation where you can call (or call to schedule a time) and tell me about your situation or company, ask me questions and see if it makes sense to talking more about becoming your accounting firm.








All you need to do is call me at (502) 426-0000.








I hope you enjoy the information!




Regards, Kevin Roberts, CPA        

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