fname], it's been 4 months but wanted to check in with you again as a lot can happen since we first talked.

If you have not done so already I wanted to remind you I have written several Special Reports just for Business Owners that can help you with the accounting & bookkeeping aspects of your business.

You can download one or all of them by going to this link:  http://www.detroit-cpa.net


The reports are on the following topics:
 - 19 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bookkeeping, Accounting or CPA Firm
 - 7 Hidden Quickbooks Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid for Maximum Profitability & Growth
 - 3 Strategies to Attack & Solve the Bookkeeping Aspects of Running Your Business

After reading these if you have any questions or comments, just reply back to my email or you are always welcome to give me a call at 313-388-0300.

Regards, Phil

Philip Schreiber, CPA

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