[fname], two weeks ago I asked you about giving us a Google Review and if you already did that, THANK YOU! 

If you did not yet or intended to and got sidetracked, you can click here or go to the link below and Write a Review for our office here in Allen Park?

The other favor I wanted to ask related to this is to see if you would call our Testimonial Hotline and record an audio testimonial (similar to the Google Review) about what you like about our services and staff.

The number is 800-609-9006 ext. 3346.  Follow the prompts and it should only take 2 minutes to do.

I really appreciate it and if you have any questions, call me here at the office or email me back.

Thanks, Phil

Phil Schreiber, CPA

Schreiber & Co
14801 Southfield Rd
Allen Park, MI 48101
(313) 388-0300

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