The Archer's Target: Turbulence Ahead?

Often times when you are on a flight there is some turbulence. It is very common. The takeoff is always pretty smooth and the landing can be easy or a bit bumpy. We took off in 2010 and the market has had very little turbulence on our flight.

We are experiencing that turbulence now. It is a repeat of the August jolt we felt from the Chinese currency issues. We are once again facing the same thing with some added fuel from Iran vs. Saudi Arabia and North Korea flexing their miniscule muscles. Also the slide in oil has created havoc on the Energy Sector's earnings. We think the worst is behind us in oil and expect oil to rebound to more normal levels above 40 in the mid-term. Long-term, a price of $65-$75 would not be out of bounds. It is just when we get back to those levels.

Frankly if anyone knew we were headed into a bear market all precautions would be taken. I don't think this time is any different though. In fact, I think we will get some additional turbulence but the landing should be fairly simple. The US dollar is starting to fall a bit which is good for companies doing business overseas. A couple of things to watch are if unemployment claims get to 300,000 or the Manufacturing has another report of less than 50, we should take precaution. However, right now, although more turbulence is in store, the market looks fairly priced. In fact, there are always times the market is higher or lower than the norm, but we must not forget that we are long-term investors and should not be swayed by short-term gyrations.

Don't Hibernate just yet, look at the next chart and you can see over time, there are often dips and peaks. Our goal is to smooth them out as much as possible, but over time have a smooth ride. So try to put your Rip VanWinkle hat on and sit back and take a snooze until we land this time as well.

We will put out our 2016 outlook tomorrow. If you have any questions, feel free to call.

Troy C. Patton, CPA/ABV

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