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2009 Year-End Tax Planning Ideas For Businesses


Here are some suggested tax moves to be taken no later than Dec. 31, 2009 for businesses on the calendar year that may save businesses income tax:

  • Section 179 Deduction (you can elect to EXPENSE your equipment cost...)

  • Income Delay or Acceleration (should you bill clients early or late...)

  • Partnership or S Corporation Basis (deduct a 2009 loss up to your basis...)

  • Retirement Plans (if self employed have you set up your plan...)

  • Dividend Planning (a dividend may reduce the risk of a tax on...)

  • Budgets (make sure your business has adequate cash flow for 2010...)

For more info on each one, click here or go to our Newsletter section on our web site at or call me, Paul Sullivan, at 310-657-8080 Extension 102.



Avoid Three Common Errors in Budgeting


When it comes to budgeting "a vital part of any business's growth and cash flow" - it's important to estimate your spending as realistically as possible.


Here are three budget-related errors commonly made by small businesses, and some tips for avoiding them. These errors tend to throw budget estimates out of line with reality, thereby taking away from a budget's usefulness.

1) Not Setting Goals - It's impossible to set spending priorities without...
2) Cost Underestimation - Every business has ancillary or incidental costs that often don't get budgeted. For example...
3) Lack of Flexibility - Don't be afraid to update your forecasted...

For more info on each one, click here or go to our Newsletter section on our web site at or call me, Paul Sullivan, at 310-657-8080 Extension 102.



Would You Give Us a REVIEW on The Internet?


More and more people turn to the Internet to find supplies, vendors and even accountants to use and hire.  You probably use Google or another search engine to do the same in your business.


One way to HELP yourself to be 'found' is to have your clients, customers or patients give you a REVIEW on one of the popular review sites online.


More reviews encourages search engines to push your local listing to the top of the page where people will more likely click on it. 


We're doing the same here at Sullivan & Company and would like to ask you to give us a review on our Google Maps listing.  Just click on this link and review us on our Google Local Listing.

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