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Financial Planning Dos & Don'ts

Pre-Retirement Checklist

Events Requiring An Estate Plan Update


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Financial Planning Tips

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5 Financial Planning Dos and Don'ts


During these uncertain economic times, financial planning has become a challenge.  Here are a few financial planning suggestions that can add to your peace of mind about financial matters and simplifying your life:

  • At least once a year, write down your investment goals and what strategy you will use to reach them. This will keep you focused.

  • Instead of giving money to many different charities, pick a few that are important to you, and give them a larger amount. This type of directed giving not only makes more sense, but will make it easier to track your donations at tax time.

For the other 3, click here or go to our Newsletter section on our web site at or call me, Paul Sullivan, at 310-657-8080 Extension 102.



Is 2010 The Year to Update Your Estate Plan?


Generally speaking, your estate plan should be reviewed every two years to determine whether it needs to be changed or updated.


Additionally, if any of the following events occur, you'll probably need to update your estate plan (i.e., your will, health care documents, powers of attorney, life insurance coverage, and post-mortem letters).

  • Divorce,

  • Marriage or remarriage,

  • Birth/adoption of child

  • Death of spouse or child

  • Sale of residence or purchase of new residence

  • Retirement

  • Enactment of new tax laws

For the STEPS you need to take if one of these happen, click here or go to our Newsletter section on our web site at or call me, Paul Sullivan, at 310-657-8080 Extension 102.



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More and more people turn to the Internet to find supplies, vendors and even accountants to use and hire.  You probably use Google or another search engine to do the same in your business.


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More reviews encourages search engines to push your local listing to the top of the page where people will more likely click on it. 


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