If you've ever wondered how "wealthy" people invest their money, I want to give you an opportunity
to learn a few of their secrets on HOW they invest.

Bill Issacs, CPA and our Sullivan & Company Tax Manager and I will be on a free conference call talking about:  Investing Secrets of the Wealthy (click to register) on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 11:00 am ET.

Contrary to popular belief, most wealthy investors do NOT start out with a pot of money or have special relationships with Wall Street insiders, that allow them to quickly create wealth.

They follow certain principles of investing and make their investing decisions based on being well informed, not on tips overheard at cocktail parties or from co-workers.

On this call Bill and I will be explaining these investing "secrets" based on our work with wealthy clients and investors over the years.

To be part of the call and ask questions, again you'll need to register here.

As always, if you have a question about the call or an investing, tax or accounting related topic, feel free to call Bill or myself here at the office at 301-657-8080.

Talk with you then!


Kathleen F. Grow, EA
Financial Advisor and Tax Professional

Kathy is a representative of Archer Investment Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. With over fifteen yearís experience, she is here to assist our clients with structuring their investment selections using asset allocation, and with the set up and management of all types of retirement plans. She works with individuals, businesses and trusts.  She is our company liaison to Archer Investment Corporation.

In addition to her financial experience, she has extensive experience in the preparation of tax returns for corporations, partnerships, individuals, trusts & estates. She is an enrolled agent, EA, through the Internal Revenue Service; and has represented clients in IRS audits and in collection matters. She also prepares financial statements and business accounting.  Kathy is a member of The National Association of Enrolled Agents and The Maryland Society of Accountants.

Bill Issacs is the Tax Department Manager at Sullivan & Company, CPAs. Since earning his CPA in 1994, he has honed his profession and for many years has been responsible for reviewing individual, corporate, partnership, trust and estate tax returns.


A key element of Billís success is not only keeping abreast of the tax laws, but understanding the implications of these laws to advise clients with tax planning and strategies.

This is why he is a natural part of the financial services department at Sullivan & Company.  His knowledge of retirement plans, capital gain issues, trusts and estates makes him a comprehensive consultant when clients are evaluating their investments and dealing with life changes.