August 7, 2012




TO:     Our Clients


FROM:   Kathleen F. Grow, IAR, EA - Financial Advisor & Tax


        Paul F. Sullivan, IAR, CPA



     Recently Paul Sullivan, CPA and Kathy Grow, Investment Advisory Representative and Enrolled Agent, attended a financial services workshop in Indianapolis, IN.

     It was hosted by Archer Funds, the registered advisor firm we work through to provide financial advice to our clients here in the DC area. This forum allowed for two days of learning and networking.

     Speakers included the President of Archer Funds, Troy Patton, who spoke on the state of the market. Troy is known for understanding how world events and complex factors affect our U.S. Market.

     Steve Demas, Portfolio Manager, spoke on client services. Steve has a long history of working with clients on their personal finances and individual investments before dedicating all of his time to researching appropriate investments for the Archer portfolios.

     John Rosebrough, Chartered Financial Analyst, provided insight into the technical aspects of portfolio management. Troy, Steve and John actively manage the Archer Funds and the portfolios that are built around these funds.

     Sullivan & Company, CPAs offers investment advice. For a free review of your investments, give Kathy a call at 301 657-8080 X 135

Why Move Your Investments To Sullivan & Co.?

     Financial services are offered at Sullivan & Company, CPAs. You may wonder why your accounting firm wants you to invest with them.

     Years ago, CPAs were not allowed to venture into the investment world, but it always bothered us to see how poorly our clients were treated at their broker.

     It is not that the broker was not nice or attentive; it was the quality of the investments and, oftentimes, the lack of understanding for how the investments were going to affect the client in the future.

     The amount of commissions and fees were oftentimes much larger than the client realized. Principles taught in universities were ignored by greedy advisors.

     Some forward thinking CPAs worked hard to get the accounting industry to see that we could, at the least, counsel our clients so that their investing experience was successful.

     Our function is to work with you in all areas of your financial life. We prepare your tax returns and financial statements, of course, but there's a lot more decisions you make that we should be involved in. These include:

  - succession planning for business owners
  - how to sell your business
  - how to retire
  - how to handle your finances now that you are divorced or widowed
  - how to provide for loved ones if you die
  - how to pay for the education of your children
  - how to determine if a trust is right for you
  - how to minimize estate taxes

     Worse than hearing that the IRS is going to audit is the call from a client who has plunged into an investment, whether stocks, bonds or another home without consulting us first. Sometimes these decisions have unfortunate results and are difficult or impossible to undo.

     So, in response to this need, your CPA firm has well trained accountants and financial services professionals to help you navigate the financial world.


     If you have a question or comment about this information, please contact us.  For your convenience, Kathy's direct line is 240-316-3564 and Paul's direct line is 240-316-3531.