December 26, 2012


To our clients:


As you look forward to 2013, we are providing you with two items we believe will be interesting and helpful.  The first is the 2013 Outlook report presented by Archer Funds.  This will give you insight into the financial market and how Archer anticipates and responds to changes in the market. The second attachment is a chart of Retirement Plan Limits for 2013.  Review the limits to be sure that you are contributing the maximum amount allowed in 2013.  If you wonder if another type of plan would suit your needs better, give us a call.


You are welcome to contact Paul or me to discuss either of these pieces of information and how they affect you personally.


Happy New Year!


Kathy Grow



2013 Outlook report


Retirement Plan Limits for 2013

Click here to download this report.   Click here to download this report.
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