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- Seven Tax Tips for Students with a Summer Job
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    Eye On Money: September - October 2012


Here is the September - October 2012 issue of EYE ON MONEY.


The magazine is 20 pages and has several money & financial articles I think you will enjoy reading.


You can download it as a PDF (click here) and read or print it out.


Some of the article topics are:


- With Tax Rates Potentially Increasing In 2013, Converting to a Roth IRA Now May Be a Smart Move, pg 2

- Your Social Security Statement Is Now Available Online, pg 3

- How Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent, pg 4

- Events That Signal the Need for a Disability Insurance Review, pg 5

- How to Slash College Costs, pg 6

- Estate Planning Considerations for 2012, pg 10

- Tapping Your Home Equity with a Reverse Mortgage, pg 12

After you read it if you have any questions, feel free to call our office.  Michael



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