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- Year-End Tax Planning For Individuals
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- Three Most Common Budgeting Errors
- Tap Your Retirement Money Early and Minimize Penalties

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- Income from Foreign Sources
- Check Your Withholdings
- Expanded Adoption Credit
- Retirement Contributions Limits Announced for 2013

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- Make Gifts to Minimize Estate Taxes
- Year-End Tax Review Meeting
- Review October's Budget vs. Actuals



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How Will The Expiration of The Bush Tax Cuts, The Fiscal Cliff, Obamacare & Passing Proposition 30 Affect Your Taxes?


With the uncertainty over Congress’s ability to solve the fiscal cliff issues in a timely manner, many middle to high income families and business owners may wait too long and not have time to prepare financially for the tax consequences now in place retroactively in 2012 from Prop 30 passing as well as what will come in 2013 on the federal level.


On Monday, December 10th at 9:00 am PT (register at we will be hosting a live conference call and explain the pending tax increases and their potential impact they can have and how to prepare for them. 


Here are some examples of what is coming:


Federally not only are the Bush Administration tax cuts set to expire, but a new 3.8 percent surtax on investment income and a possible reinstated claw-back of itemized deductions could raise the tax rate on ordinary income to as high as an effective 44.6 percent for some taxpayers.


Similarly, the tax rate on long-term capital gains could increase from 15 percent to 20 percent and the rate on qualified dividends from 15 percent to an effective 44.6 percent.


Finally, if Congress doesn’t take action, the federal estate tax rate will increase from 35 percent to 55 percent and the exclusion amount will drop from $5,120,000 to $1,000,000.


To learn what these changes mean and strategies to prepare yourself & your business for them, both individuals and business owners are invited to listen in to the Free Conference Call on Monday, December 10th at 9:00 am PT (register beforehand at



Eye On Money: November - December 2012


Here is the November - December 2012 issue of EYE ON MONEY.


The magazine is 20 pages and has several money & financial articles I think you will enjoy reading.


You can download it as a PDF (click here) and read or print it out.


Some of the article topics are:


- The Ins and Outs of Wash Sales, pg 2

- 8 Reasons to Start a Business Retirement Plan, pg 3

- Umbrella Insurance Helps Cover You on the Rainiest Days, pg 4

- Charitable Contributions Increased in 2011, pg 4

- 2012 Health Care Reform Act Implementation Timeline, pg 5

- 2012 Year-End Tax Planning Guide, pg 6

- 5 Tips for Municipal Bond Investors, pg 14

After you read it if you have any questions, feel free to call our office.  Michael




SMEED CPA Adds Financial Services To Help Clients With Investments & Insurance Needs

So often we here at SMEED CPA are asked about financial issues that impact our clients investments and their portfolios. 

We always offered our opinion and suggestions but in order to help our clients actually execute the changes we suggest, SMEED has created a Financial Services division.


SMEED Financial Services, Inc. will be able to work with both individual and business clients on their investment portfolios and manage assets on their behalf.


SMEED Financial will include Michael Uadiale, ACA, CPA, CGMA; Ena Dzitrie, MBA and Pablo Blanco who has recently joined SMEED and comes with over 18 years of financial sales and advising experience with affluent investors.

Watch your inbox and mail boxes for more specific information on services SMEED Financial Services, Inc will make available to you.



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Just dial 800-609-9006 extension 3638 and follow the instructions.  If we’ve done a good job please let me know.  And if we can improve on anything, please mention that too.



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