If you have ever quit or left a job for a new one, or been let go for whatever reason, it can be a big change in your life.
And if your previous company had a retirement plan that you or they put money into (usually called a 401k), just because you left that company does not mean that you need to leave that money in that plan in the 401k.
In fact there are 3 options you have with that money.
Option #1 is to leave it as is. The problems with that is the lack of notifications your previous employer will share with you regarding any plan changes. B. Loosing track of your investment, meaning your objective might have changed since you initially participated in the plan. C. Underperformance of Asset; you no longer have any control over the investment strategies the plan has to offer.
Option #2 is to take all your money out of the 401k and put it in the bank (or spend it). The problems with that are the tax implications that will be caused by withdrawing qualified money prior to the age of 59 1/2.
Option #3 is to roll it over to a self-directed IRA where you can.... The advantages of that are no negative tax implications. You regain control of your assets, insuring that your principal is safe and guaranteed. You can remove your savings from the volatility of the stock market.
Because of the job market and economy these days I talk to a lot of people who still have money in an old 401k but are too confused or scared or hesitant to do anything with it or know where to put or move it to.
When they tell me this I suggest the following. Because I've looked at several hundred old 401k if someone can send me or come in and bring their 401k statement, in about 30 minutes I can review their account & analyze what they have.

Then in the next 30 minutes I can explain to that person what their different Options 1, 2 and 3 will mean to them financially now and down the road.
The whole meeting takes 1 hour and does not cost them (or you) anything.
And everyone I talk with feels a lot better 'educated' about the money they have in that 401k and some make changes or moves depending upon their situation.
Either way I feel good about helping them and they get some good financial analysis and education.
If you've read this far and you sound like one of these people, here's my suggestion.
Come in and if you have 1 hour, let me review & analyze your 401k statement (or statements if you have 2 or more).
Ill provide you with my best analysis & advice for free.
You'll be better educated and armed with information to either keep your money where it is or to make a move to an IRA.
Just give me a call at 925-695-5244 and we can talk and pick a day & time to meet...
Or reply back to this email at....
Thanks, Pablo
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